The Shadow of a Pergolate

If the rain or the sun does not give way, it is time to plan a pergola. Made of bamboo, iron or wood, they are light, increase the garden and still support various plant species. Then just relax and enjoy the day underneath it …

To ensure that outdoor areas are used on warmer days, pergolas play the role of reducing the incidence of light.

These structures, built with beams and roof, create spaces with less luminosity and more thermal comfort. They can be built in places of grills, gardens, corridors and resting places.

In the finish, the vine-like vegetation helps form “natural curtains”. It can also be availed on the roof. However, fabrics, glass, polycarbonate, wood, bamboo, and other materials, serve the same function.

More technologically, there are sliding roof designs on the market. Through rails and automated drive, the cover can be moved according to the need for shade.

The correct one is to study the area where it will be inserted, analyzing its function and aesthetics, and also its harmony with the existing environment. In this way the choice of the material to be employed can be made more assertively.

When it comes to resting, reading a book, napping, or chatting, there’s nothing better than being in the shade of a beautiful pergola.