Adri Mavignier – Green Living Architecture

Adriana Mavignier is an architect and landscape architect, graduated from the Universidade de Belas Artes of SP, in the market for more than 25 years, she develops projects that meet the reduction of environmental impact, maximizing the positive impact, creating architectural and landscape projects that reflect the nature of the place, in order to save the natural resources and promote spaces of coexistence integrating the surrounding fauna and flora.

She applies in her projects the concept, developed by the office, called “Green Living Architecture”, based on applying sustainable strategies that will have as final objective, besides of resource saving, to promote “a new way of thinking about projects”, applying with creativity, “a new consciousness to reconnect nature and its cycles”.

The application of the “Green A – project pool” to architecture and landscaping projects offers the client a new way of living, combining the various sustainable strategies offered by our company.

The office performs projects and designs incorporating  the architecture, engineering, interior designs, landscaping, automated irrigation, lighting and automation; besides others complementary projects, offering the client the convenience of having a “pool” of projects with a single supplier. In addition to the specialty in transplantation of trees and large species.

The team is made up of professionals and qualified partners, trained to demanding customers by providing high-standard services.

Among the projects of the office are public squares, parks, public-private foundations, commercial areas, residential, condominiums, malls …

The projects are developed with customized, coherent and innovative solutions. Allied to this, functionality, warmth, aesthetics, harmony and sustainability.

One of the goals of the office is the development  and marketing,  of furniture design,  sculptures  and objects for outdoor areas, with the signature of designers and artists recognized in the national and international market.

She participates in Exhibitions from the sector such as Venice Architecture Biennale – Italy , Casa Cor Miami – Usa, Casa Cor Sp – Brazil , Mostra Amazônia, Ilhabelabitare, Bela Flora and Fia Flora.