The Charm of a Trellis – Benche

A bench in the garden can be a space for contemplation, an alternative for relaxation or even a conducive invitation to family life away from home. Whatever the intention, the important thing is to create a rich and verdant environment to ensure the warmth, without forgetting the beauty of the view.

This bench can be even more charming, if in its surroundings we add some lateral trellis and in its upper part.

To cuddle the whole, we can plant different types of vines, or even hang vines of plants with flowers, orchids and plaques of xaxim.

To value even more, we can put on the bench, Futons and many cushions.

The trellis benches can be made of different materials, but the ideal would be wood, with treatment of varnish for external areas. They can also be painted with special paints so that they get rain and have a lot of durability.

The charm produced by a trellis bench brings valuation to every set of the garden. In addition, it produces individual shade.

A good conversation, a rest in the late afternoon, reading a newspaper, can bring to the owners, a necessary relaxation. One more reason to make this furniture an indispensable product in any garden.