Circular Structure for Climbers

Gardener who is a gardener is sure to have a climber in his garden. They are plants often used to decorate large yards and even public spaces. They are low maintenance and adapt to various conditions. One of the requirements to create a true climber is to have a support or structure where it can curl up and grow properly. There are several supports and structures for climbers and each one more different than the other.

The climbers have different ways of attaching themselves to their holders. Depending on how you want your vine to grow, you will need more specific support.

Here we show a circular support design made in treated iron, with a bench in the vicinity of a tree. In each pillar was planted a white jasmine, more simple and delicate climber of fast growth and with abundant flowers. Ideal for medium-sized as photo holders.

The supports or structures, can be straight, in arcs, circles, or even made like a wall in the middle of the garden.

Other types of structures and supports, would be the pergolas, arbor, trusses, fences, columns, roofs, balconies and even the trunks of existing trees.